Tim Tebow Gets Married With A Keto-Friendly Wedding

By 1 year ago

Tim Tebow, the famous football player turned motivational speaker has finally tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend Demi-Leigh Nels-Peters. He also follows a very strict ketogenic diet and doesn't let up even on his wedding day. "We chose a mixture of American and South African dishes. It was a perfect blend of both cultures," said Nels-Peters, a former Miss Universe.

There were also non-keto options for guests, such as fried Oreos and pasta. However, the keto options were in surplus with spinach salads, mussels, and cheese bowls.  The salad was a very important addition. "It’s such a simple salad," said Nels-Peters "but we eat it all the time and it’s delicious. So we wanted it to be part of the wedding." The salad was made of spinach, bacon, cucumber, vinegar, oil, and berries. 

There was also an over-the-top and outrageously beautiful ten-tier wedding cake that was not keto-friendly. Tim's groom cake was ketogenic, a low carb, low sugar cheesecake. It was a happily ever after for the bride and groom, and a very happy day for Tim Tebow's dietician. 

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