This Woman’s Life Was Saved by a Stranger—and Instead of Thanking Him, She Sued Him

When Reddit user Hobviously shared his rescue experience, it was far from what anyone could have ever anticipated.

Good Samaritan

The International Life Saving Federation estimates that its 120 “Members Federations” comprised of lifeguards across the globe save one million lives per year. The chances of drowning at a beach on their watch is 1 in 18 million, or 0.0000055 percent. However, no good deeds go unpunished.


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The More You Know

  • Sixty percent of the World’s lakes (three million total) are located in Canada.
  • The average golf ball has 336 dimples.
  • The Nobel Committee declined to award the Nobel Peace Prize in 1948 because "there was no suitable living candidate." This was meant as tribute to Mahatma Gandhi, who was assassinated earlier that year without receiving the Prize.
  • For 67 consecutive years, Mary was America's most popular female baby name. Linda broke the streak in 1947.
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