This Woman Was Shot In the Neck... And It Saved Her Life

By 1 year ago

When Donna Barbour was out one day tending to her yard, she never knew that her whole life would be changed in an instant. One man's accident could have ended up killing her, but instead, it saved her life...

Donna's Garden

Donna Barbour lived a quiet, normal life. She spent most of her days in her beautiful backyard garden, bringing it to its fullest glory. She wanted it to be perfect, and when she was out in the garden, she really got in the zone. She was focused, determined, and mindful in her work. She had had a long day at work and used the garden as a distraction. Little did she know, the garden wouldn't be her biggest distraction today... 


Something Hits

Donna was thinking deeply about when she would start up the grill for dinner when she wandered onto the patio. Just at that instant though, she felt a devastating blow on the right side of her neck. "It felt as though someone had hit me with a baseball bat," she would later recall. It wasn't a baseball bat though. In fact, it was a shot they never expected in their small town...

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