This Woman Made an Instagram to Document Her Husband’s Mess

A woman in Fukuoka Prefecture in Japan has gone viral for her Instagram documenting the mess her husband leaves around the house. What started as a fun way to share frustrations with her friends turned into a fan favorite account. The two have been married five years and have a daughter.

She first noticed his habits shortly after getting married. His socks were always rolled up beside the bed, and tissues carelessly tossed on the floor instead of the trashcan. The photo above reads: “Don’t leave tissue paper like the acorns in My Neighbor Totoro.”

This photo reads “This is the toilet. It’s like a horror movie.” The photos were initially shared on her personal account, but after friends encouraged her to expand, she quickly made waves online. It really took off once a tweet featuring some of her posts went viral too.

Her husband is still unaware of his online fame, and she hopes he doesn’t find out just yet! “I think he will laugh a lot,” says the account owner, “I tell him about his messy habits every day and every time I do, he makes me laugh with a silly comeback, so it’s really fun.”

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