Woman’s Bizarre Talent Helps Doctors Diagnose Neurological Disorder

By 1 year ago

A decade before he was diagnosed by doctors, Joy Milne detected that something about her husband had changed. Now, scientists have been working alongside her to determine just how far her unique ability can take them...

Unfamiliar Scent

In the beginning, Joy Milne, a now-retired nurse from Scotland, noticed a strange odor coming from her husband. The year was 1982, and Joy convinced herself that her husband simply needed to take longer showers—but that was far from the case.


Persistent Odor

Joy badgered Les to keep up with his personal hygiene. After all, what else could it be? Despite his efforts, the smell lingered, and Joy learned to deal with her husband's unpleasant scent avoid hurting his feelings. A decade after Joy first detected the "woodsy" smell, Les began exhibiting symptoms...

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