This TikTok of A Peeing Mother Perfectly Describes Pregnancy

They say motherhood is one of life's greatest gifts, but one viral TikTok video puts that theory to the test. When Texas mother Mallory Dolan was out and about with her family, things went south really quickly. She and husband Dan Dolan were out with their four children when Mallory had a very urgent issue that many mothers face. Watch the full TikTok video below. 


When you are in your third trimester with baby number four and can’t control your bladder. #mombladder #fourbabies #hemademelaugh

♬ Splish Splash - Good Timers

The uncontrollable bladder is a very common (but always unexpected) occurrence for many pregnant mothers. The couple runs the TikTok account "@dolanfambam" where they show highlight from their life. Mallory said she sneezed, and everything went downhill from there. "I showed Dan where I peed and he started laughing and taking a video," said Mallory. "I couldn’t stop laughing and, in return, peeing. I kept walking around to get away from the camera because I was so embarrassed. I didn’t think I had to pee when we got into the store."

"People were totes watching, but no one said a word," said Mallory, "After the incident, I used some napkins from the salad bar to clean myself and the floor and eventually a worker came and mopped." Since then, the video has earned over 14 million views. This fifth child is guaranteed to be a handful!

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