This Southeast Asian Tribe is Full of Actual Superhumans

Hidden in beautiful Southeast Asia, a unique tribe of people has existed for centuries specifically to perform one task. Over time, their bodies adapted to their needs, leading scientists to believe that they are evolved superhumans... 

Far Away From Society...

You may have seen pictures of them in National Geographic, but you probably don’t know who they are. This is the Bajau Laut tribe. They’re located on several of the beautiful shores of Southeast Asia. They have been living on the water for centuries, sustaining themselves entirely from the fruits of the ocean and the shore. This type of lifestyle is unique to the Bajau Laut tribe exclusively, there is no other society like theirs on Earth...


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The More You Know

  • There's a Russian village where every resident is a tightrope walker.
  • Surfaces near the equator move much faster than those in other locations on Earth.
  • The first TV commercial didn't air until the 1940s.
  • In 1966 and 1967, soldiers testing Agent Orange in Canada were told the chemical was completely safe and sprayed it on each other to cool off.
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