Hero Pitbull Rescues Baby From Fire, Then Runs Into the House Again for the Craziest Reason

By 1 year ago

The Chaichanhda family woke up to hear their pitbull puppy barking wildly at their back door. Once they realized what the problem was, they never expected the repercussions of the next few hours. Read on to find out how this pit bull saved the day, and more importantly, a life…

Sasha Senses

On June 3rd, Sasha the pit bull was just lounging out in the front yard of the Chaichanhda home. It was a hot day in Stockton, California, but things were about to heat up in a very big way…

Too Young


Sasha was only 8-months old. As a puppy, she was reckless and hyper, often tiring out the Chaichanhda family with her intense amounts of energy. they’d never complain about her activity ever again…

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