This New Mom Was Mortified That Something in Her Luggage Tested Positive for Explosives

Have you ever had the irrational fear of being pulled aside by TSA and getting accused of doing something that you weren't doing? Well, Heather Jones experienced that, and the world's reaction to her experience was "explosive" to say the least...

Have Child, Will Travel

Traveling with a baby can be a nightmare, all new parents know it. Whether you’re on a bus, on a train, or God forbid, on a plane, everyone around you is going to be threatened by your newborn. It almost seems like no matter what you do, someone, somewhere is going to be staring at you the entire time, waiting for your baby to start crying so everyone can start silently hating you...


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The More You Know

  • Sony’s PlayStation 4 costs $381 to manufacture.
  • Humans specifically have eyes that face forward for the purpose of seeing in 3D.
  • Shakespeare's plays feature the word "love" about 10 times more than the word "hate."
  • Mattel once tried to sue Aqua over their song "Barbie Girl". The judge literally told them to "chill".
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