This Man Introduced His Wife To The Gorillas He Raised, And It Didn’t Exactly Go As Planned

When Victoria married Damian Aspinall, she also married his passion for animals. As the owner of two zoos, he was no stranger to exotic and dangerous animals. Soon enough, Damian decided to take his wife to Gabon to introduce her to two gorillas that he helped raise and release into the wild more than a decade before. The search for the wild gorillas was long and hard, but nothing compared to what happened when they finally found them…

An Exotic Childhood

Damian Aspinall grew up around exotic animals. His father, John Aspinall, set up Howletts Wild Animal Park in 1957, where Damian grew up as a child. The 700-acre estate is located in Kent, England and is home to a wide array of exotic animals.


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The More You Know

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