This Little Girl Had the Most Hilarious Christmas List

By 1 year ago

Christmas season is right around the corner, and everyone is excited about what will be under their tree this year. One ten-year-old girl, though, isn't leaving anything up to chance. Her father took to Twitter to share the little girl's Christmas list, and let's just say she had some big ideas for the festivities. 

The list included, among other items, Airpods, a real bunny, a Go-Pro, checkered vans, an iPhone 11, a new MacBook Air, a hydro flask, Gucci slides, and of course, $4,000. She also asked for "asenchal" oils (read: essential oils) as well as a Chanel purse. This little girl has some expensive tastes!


The child also asked for some more reasonable gifts, like a new set of sheets, a new alarm clock, makeup, and more. She might be living the dream with her head in the clouds, but at least she knows to be realistic! And hey, she got her dad some Twitter fame.

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