This KFC Owner is Petitioning For a Michelin Star Rating

In the Australian Outback, an owner of the Alice Springs KFC’s is petitioning for the coveted Michelin Star rating. The accolade is traditionally given out to five-star restaurants or avant-garde innovations, but Sam Edelman believes his store deserves some recognition

We're famous!

Posted by Sam Edelman on Saturday, June 22, 2019

Edelman, 37, says he wants the store to be recognized as not just a fast food place. There’s so much more! “We use fresh chickens that are delivered into the store every day and hand breaded in our kitchen by our cooks. There is some skill involved.”

This request is especially difficult, as the Michelin Guide doesn’t cover Australia at all, and KFC would be an interesting first for the tradition. However, Edelman says they fit all the criteria for the star. “My KFC is the most remote KFC in the world and that’s what sets me apart. I know people make a journey to come to my restaurant.”

Recently a food cart in Thailand received credit with a star, which gave Edelman the idea. If they can do it, why can’t I? “Good food is for everyone,” said Edelman. “Good food is not just meant to be for fine dining. So I thought ‘Bucket, why not give it a go!'”

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