This Is What Each Day of Coronavirus Symptoms Is Like

By 1 year ago

Connor Reed, a 25-year-old teacher, was working at a school in Wuhan, China, for almost a year. In November, he became the UK's first case of the coronavirus, and he detailed each day of his symptoms before the rest of the world caught on to the dangers of the outbreak...

Under The Weather

Connor woke up one morning feeling a little off. He'd been living in Wuhan, China, for the better part of a year, and cold and flu season had managed to evade him until now. His eyes felt bleary and he was sneezing off and on, but it wasn't enough to make him stay home from work. He was a schoolteacher, and the kids were depending on him to show up. He pulled himself out of bed and went about his day, pushing through the symptoms...


His Lifelong Dream

Connor's goal in life had always been to teach English in a foreign country. After he graduated from college, he moved all the way from England to China to work in an elementary school to teach Chinese-speaking children English. He couldn't be more content with his job. He'd worked hard to get to where he was, and he wasn't about to let a cold get in the way of his routine...

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