This Interactive Camera Let’s You Give Your Pets Treats from Anywhere in the World—This Is the Future

It’s always difficult to leave your pet behind when you head off for work in the morning or out for a night on the town.

Technology has now granted us the unique ability to interact with and keep an eye on our furry children even when we’re away from home. While there are plenty of affordable cameras on the market to check up on your cats and dogs, the Petcube Bites system has taken the term “long distance relationship” to a whole new level.

Petcube Bites is equipped with the usual features—HD camera and two-way audio, so that pet owners can communicate with their fur children from anywhere with a WiFi connection—but this particular device is more than just a camera.

Petcube Bites contains a built-in, app-controlled dispenser, which can toss a variety of treats up to six feet away with just the click of a button. Now you can reward your pets for good behavior from anywhere in the world.

Most retailers sell the Petcube system for $180, and honestly, can you really put a price tag on quality time with your pets?

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