This Hilarious McDonald’s Prank Went Undetected For Months

By 2 years ago

Sometimes the best jokes are the ones that take a while to land. That’s why these two students pulled the best McDonald’s prank that went hidden for weeks. When they planned an elaborate joke on the biggest fast food chain in the world, they never expected things to end up like this…

Favorite Fast Food

The Pearland Texas McDonald’s was a favorite spot for two friends who loved getting fast food. For Christian and Jevh, Big Macs, fries, and sodas were the orders of choice, but the two never sat inside the store until one day…


An Ordinary Day

One sunny July 13th day, Jevh Maravilla and Christian Toledo decided to skip the long drive-thru line and just go right inside to order. Once inside, they noticed something surprising…

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