This Groom Picked His Beloved Cat to Be His Best Man

Cat lovers will understand Aaron Benitez’s unusual bridal party. The groom wanted his beloved cat to be the best man at his wedding. The duo has made waves online, posting videos and photos of all their hijinks. Prince Michael, Aaron’s cat, just had to be in on the action!

The cat was an obvious addition to his September wedding. The cat was taken into serious consideration. “When we picked a caterer, we made sure they could make salmon, Michael’s fave. And when we booked a DJ, we made sure he wouldn’t play ‘Who Let the Dogs Out.”

Prince Michael even had a custom made tuxedo to look his best on the big day. He was sat at the altar with Benitez. All reports say he was an ideal groomsman. “Aside from strutting down the aisle, his biggest role was keeping the party going well into the night,” said Benitez “As a groomsman, he kept everyone in the wedding party entertained and energetic.”

Benitez posts pictures of his cat on social media under the account AaronsAnimals. This furry friend didn’t upstage the bride, but he definitely upstaged the groom! Either way, it was a purrfect wedding.

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