This Family Was Shocked to Discover That Their New Puppy Wasn't A Dog After All

By 8 months ago

Considering Adoption

Sun Yun was a super hardworking mother. Between raising her two kids, spending time with her husband, and working as a freelance graphic designer, Sun Yun barely had any time for herself. So, when her children proposed that they get a dog, her initial response was a resounding “no.” But, as she thought about it, adopting a dog would provide her with important breaks throughout the day that would keep her active and smiling, so she considered the request over the course of the next week.

Putting it in the Back of Her Mind

The more she thought about getting a dog, the more she found herself researching potential breeds that would work best with their limited space and her family’s allergies. She concluded that getting a puppy wouldn’t be the best idea at the moment, and she planned an impromptu family vacation instead. However, nothing could have prepared them for the bizarre circumstances that were awaiting them once they left their comfortable home…

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