This Expecting Mother Let a Swarm Of Bees Cover Her For A Maternity Photoshoot Without Thinking of the Consequences

By 1 year ago

Bees brought this family together, and bees are what's going to keep them together. Find out how these bees helped this couple shape the rest of their lives.

The Bee Babes

Emily and Ryan Mueller were an eccentric couple that loved sharing their personal lives along with their professional lives. They met each other while working in a bee conservancy. From there, they got stung by the love bug and decided to marry and start a business together just three years after their introduction.


Takes the Bees

They decided to open a bee removal service company out of their home, where they also kept their family bees. Both Emily and Ryan had a major love for bees, like, they were completely infatuated with them. Over time, they gathered enough bee stuff to decorate their entire house to be “bee themed...” 

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