Bestselling Bread is Made With 336 Crickets Baked Inside

By 1 year ago

Eating sustainably is all the rage, and nothing is proof of that better than the Crunchy Cricket loaf now selling at Roberts Bakery in Norwich. The bread is made from cricket flour, which is crickets that are dried, ground, mixed with wheat flour and grains. All in all, it equals about 336 crickets. The flour comes from the United Kingdom's leading insect food brand, Eat Grub. 

Managing director of Roberts Bakery, Stuart Spencer-Calnan says that "Crickets are a really new and exciting food ingredient. They're incredibly good for you and actually really tasty, despite what people may think." Crickets, according to nutritionists, are packed with vital nutrients and can be great health foods. The bread, as a result, is packed with protein and can be very sustainable. 

"Given climate change and sustainability issues around meat, we are becoming more aware of the need to seek out alternative protein sources, and we shouldn't dismiss the valuable sources of essential fats that these critters also offer in abundance," said clinical nutritionist Adele Wolstenholme, "We are simply returning to our ancestral dietary roots." Celebrities who have endorsed bug-based foods include Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie, Justin Timberlake, and pop singer Katy Perry.  

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