These People Got Revenge In The Most Extreme Ways Possible

By 1 year ago

Sometimes, the person you thought was "The One" is actually bad news. Cheaters can make one mistake in one night, or have a long-standing affair for several years. Either way, it's enough to break a heart and send someone off the deep end. These people got revenge on their unfaithful partners in the most insane ways possible...

Couldn't Hack It

There's nothing like an axe to the ex's Audi to send a very clear, very aggressive message to the one who wronged you. That message is: "Hey. I caught you red-handed." It seems that although they could outrun their mistakes, they certainly should not bother to try to out-drive them. The only thing that would make this better would be a surprise parking ticket. 


Attention Please

This sign is a direct message to Steven, who clearly made a serious error in his marriage. This might just be a guess, but Emily seems like she might be upset with his actions and is going to leave Steve. Oh sorry, dirty, sneaky, immoral, unfaithful, and poorly-endowed slimebally Steven. Even worse, now he has to call the bank. There's just no easy solution here. 

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