These Newly-Colorized Historical Photos Reveal Shocking Things

The Historic Stock Market Crash

October 29th, 1929 was the last day of the first stock market crash. The day was named "Black Tuesday," and was the day prices completely collapsed. This was the first big push into the country's Great Depression. 


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The More You Know

  • The first one GB harddrive was made in 1980 and had a price of forty thousand USD.
  • Henry VIII knighted all four of his “Grooms of Stool” — the people in charge of wiping his butt for him.
  • The shortest war in history was between England and Zanzibar, and only lasted 38 minutes.
  • Alexander the Great was accidentally buried alive. Scientists believe Alexander suffered from a neurological disorder called Guillain-Barré Syndrome. They believe that when he died he was actually just paralyzed and mentally aware!
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