These Musicians Were Terrible People Behind the Scenes

It might be hard to imagine, but some of our favorite musicians are pretty awful people. While they might seem out of this world on stage, they're still people who go home to relationships and families. When the cameras aren't watching, there's no telling how they can act. Are your favorite stars good people, or are they just good performers?

John Lennon

Sure, he might have helped reinvent music as we know it, but that doesn't mean he was kind while he did it. Despite his carefree public image, at home, he was quite an absent father. He abandoned his son Julian at age 5. Julian later said John totally disregarded him since birth, giving his mom just enough to keep him clothed and educated, but never performing any fatherly obligations. 


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The More You Know

  • Little brown bats sleep more than any other mammal on earth.
  • Dr. Seuss wrote "Green Eggs and Ham" on a bet.
  • Armadillos swallow air to become buoyant when they swim.
  • People don’t sneeze in their sleep due to their brain shutting down the reflex.
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