These Kids Made Some Hilarious Mistakes That Will Leave Any Parent Cringing

By 1 year ago

Kids are a lot more observant than we give them credit for and most of the time, the things they pick up on end up getting lost in translation in a drawing or piece of writing at school. This, of course, typically leaves only one group of people embarrassed: their parents.

An Odd Request

Looks like this vacation took a turn. Who's got it worse - the child who had to write this disturbing request or the mom who had to wake up to it? Either way, hopefully, it got resolved quickly because it seems like quite the mess.

Heavyweight Champion


There's a lot to unpack here. Luckily, everything seems to have gone over this kid's head. No, they're not wrestling. Hopefully he didn't get in trouble for this at school, surely it was an honest mistake!

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