These Internet Liars Got Called Out in the Funniest Ways Possible

If you don’t have anything true to say, don’t say it at all. These lying liars likely won’t make that mistake ever again.


Buddy, you clearly live on a farm somewhere rural, likely hundreds of miles from any beach. Thanks to your secret paparazzi, your deceptive behavior will never go unchallenged again.


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The More You Know

  • The largest known living organism is an aspen grove.
  • Clark Kent (Superman in DC Comics) is also a character in the Marvel universe, where he's actually just a mild-mannered reporter and nothing more.
  • A German and British aeroplane shot each other down in Norway during WWII. The crew met and helped each other survive. Two of them later visited each other many years after the war was over as friends.
  • A baby can cost new parents 750 hours of sleep.
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