These Iconic Songwriters Made Insane Fortunes

Beck ($25 million)

Beck hit it big in 1994 when he released his first official single “Loser.” This song was originally a joke that he had between friends, claiming that he can make a song out of absolutely anything, even just speaking nonsense. Despite his admittance of that fact, people still try to dissect Beck’s lyricism for whatever reason. Regardless of the discourse, Beck’s mainstream popularity and his actions as an early adopter of multi-genre style music have earned him a ton of cash over the years, and he’s sitting pretty at a net worth of 25 million bucks. 


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The More You Know

  • A quarter of all the bones in your body are in your feet.
  • The speed of a computer mouse is measured in "Mickeys."
  • A newborn baby is more than 3/4 water.
  • Mark Zuckerberg said a voting mechanism that says whether posts are good or bad is 'not something that we think is good for the world'.
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