These Hilarious Texts From Neighbors Will Make You LOL

Finding the perfect home is hard enough, but you don’t usually meet the neighbors until after everything is said and done. Sometimes, they can be a little…eccentric. Whether it’s the girl next door or couple down the hall, your house is surrounded. Read on to see some of the most hilarious and wild texts people got from their neighbors…

Hard Hitting Questions

Definitely two of the most unsettling questions to hear from your neighbor. Hopefully, this person lived to tell the tale!


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The More You Know

  • Tennis was originally played with bare hands.
  • Your dog knows when someone isn't trustworthy.
  • When two white-faced capuchin monkeys meet, they say hello by sticking their fingers into each other's noses.
  • The world's largest Barbie collection includes more than 15,000 dolls.
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