These Hilarious T-Shirts Will Make You Do a Double Take

By 1 year ago

A person's style can say a lot about them, especially when their clothing has words on them. However, sometimes these quirky tees can be worn in some pretty surprising, unpredictable, and hilarious ways. There is a collection of typos and accidental misprints that can make your fashion statements go from drool to cool. These funny tee-shirt fails will definitely make you do a double-take...

Uh, What?

There is no way to read this in a way that makes sense. Why are we in Australia? What was she, THC Wa? Why was he wearing a tooth, and where was it really from? Who is going to get you out of here, and why? Nothing about this yellow shirt makes any sense, but that's kind of the fun of it. Make people squint at your back as they try to figure out this impossible message. 


Can You Hear Me Now?

If you want to get attention in a room full of people, this might be the most effective method. No one listens until you fart, and then all of a sudden, everyone goes silent. Finally, some time to talk! This funny farting friend now has a tee that tells new people exactly what she's all about. Hopefully, they have a sense of humor and a very poor sense of smell!

One At a Time

Ladies and gentlemen, get in line for this man. You might not be first up, but do not worry. According to his T-shirt, there is plenty to go around. As long as everyone keeps their composure and stays cool, calm, and collected, everyone can get a chance to talk to this man. Just take it one at a time, and before you know it, it could be your chance with Prince Charming.

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