These Duct Tape Hacks Will Save Your Life and Your Budget

Duct tape is known for making quick repairs easy, but there are hundreds of other uses for the super tape. From pore strips to handmade doggy bowls, duct tape can be crafted to fit a variety of needs. Read on to find out the secrets of duct tape…

Pore Strip

Investing in self-care can be expensive, so don’t be afraid to use some duct tape as a pore strip to save some money. Don’t use it too often though, the harsh glue can be bad for your skin in the long run!


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The More You Know

  • Hollow out a watermelon, slice off the top, and pierce the side with a spigot. Then, fill the "keg" with your favorite punch and replace the lid to keep the drinks—and the conversation—flowing.
  • Drain away any excess fat while baking by placing meatballs on a baking rack. The extra fat drips away, you’ll retain that browned, caramelized exterior you know and love.
  • This hint will save you from wasting wrapping paper each time you bring it out of storage. Rather than sticking a piece of tape along the loose edge, cut an empty toilet paper tube lengthwise and wrap it around a roll of wrapping paper. Cinch it up and secure the sleeve with a piece of tape.
  • If the wine's room temperature, you can ease that cork out by heating the neck of the bottle with a hair dryer. Just make sure you're not doing this with sparkling wine or wine that's been refrigerated or you could break the bottle or cause the cork to forcefully eject.
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