These Crazy Parents Went Way Too Far Trying to Control Their Kids

By 1 year ago

Sometimes, living under the same roof as your parents can be difficult, especially when you’re a teenager. It’s no secret that raising a child is a Herculean task, but these parents behaved so unforgivably that they may never have a normal relationship with their kids ever again. From tracking locations to asking for money to hiding cameras in their child’s room, here are the most ridiculous things parents have ever done to alienate themselves from their children…

What Do You Do When You 8-Year-Old Is Smarter Than You?

This petty father should be proud of his son, not finding ways to dampen his intellect and “make him dumb.” Parents should always encourage their children to strive for greatness. Imagine being this jealous of your own kid!


Someone Has Trust Issues…

How is your daughter old enough to get married, but she’s not old enough to be trusted in the same room as the man she’s marrying?

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