These Celebs Look Totally Different From Their Former Selves

Cybill Shepherd Now

Cybill Shepherd retired from the acting world to focus on raising her family. Her daughter, Clementine Ford, has curated a successful career for herself and followed in her mother's footsteps. The 69-year-old still has that same blonde hair and dazzling smile! 


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The More You Know

  • Steve Jobs became a vegan because he believed it would stop him having body odor, reducing his need to shower.
  • Megan Fox was banned from the Wal-Mart store in her hometown because she shoplifted makeup as a teenager. She claims it was an accident.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio's mom was looking at a Leonardo da Vinci painting in a museum in Italy when Leo first kicked. That's why he's named Leonardo.
  • Growing up, Eva Mendes wanted to be a nun, but she changed her mind when she found out they didn't make any money.
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