These Bizarre Phenomenons Prove That Reality Is Stranger Than Fiction

Alien Abduction Insurance Policy

You've heard of house insurance, life insurance, and car insurance—but wait, there's more! If you consider yourself the kind of person who wants to be prepared for anything and everything, one specific company has got you covered. For only $19.95, you can purchase alien abduction insurance from the Saint Lawrence Agency in Altamonte Springs, Florida.

"Our policy is not so much about the money," quipped owner Mike St. Lawrence. "It's peace of mind."


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The More You Know

  • All the Professors in Pokemon have been named after trees.
  • There are around 60,000 miles of blood vessels in the human body. If you took them all out and laid them end to end, they’d stretch around the world more than twice.
  • When Boris Yeltsin met President Clinton in 1995, his first question was "Do you think O.J. did it?"
  • Indonesia has the shortest population.
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