Major Accidents That Happened On The Set of a Film

No matter how safe you think you are on a film set, there is constant danger looming. Check out these instances where some of your favorite actor's lives were threatened in the very place they chose to spend their careers, on a film set...


Director John Jordon had a reputation for being a risk-taker on set. Several years before he shot Catch-22, Jordon was shooting a scene for a film out the door of a flying helicopter, he was not wearing any safety equipment and he somehow ended up chopping part of his leg off on the rotor, forcing the crew to return the ground. Many years later, on the set of Catch-22, Jordon was filming on an airplane that had one of its doors open while it was flying, Jordon was not wearing a safety harness. The plane hit some turbulence and threw Jordon out the window of the plane, sending him falling to his tragic death.


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The More You Know

  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was the first American film to have a soundtrack.
  • The director of Cannibal Holocaust had to prove in court that the actors were still alive and didn’t get killed during the movie.
  • While shooting 'Batman Begins' (2005) in Chicago, a drunk driver panicked and crashed into the Batmobile because he thought it was an invading alien.spacecraft
  • Brad Pitt and Edward Norton actually learned how to make soap in Fight Club.
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