These Are The Most Popular Soft Drinks in All 50 States

By 8 months ago

You'd be surprised just how many popular soft drinks there are! Coke isn't the only one in the U.S. Each state has a clear favorite, and some of these brands might come as a shock. Click through to find out which drink is the winner in the state you're from.

Alabama - Grapico

Founded in Louisiana in 1914 and relocated to Alabama in 1917, Grapico is a Southern staple. You can go to any restaurant in the South and order this delicious sparkling drink. The best part? That vivid purple hue.

A Centennial Celebration 


The Grapico company celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2014, and the new slogan is, "A Southern thing for 100 years." Another tongue-in-cheek catchphrase is, "So Southern, it's probably kin to you on your daddy's side."

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