These Are The Most Massive Animals On Earth

The world is filled with amazing and interesting creatures. Some of them are larger than life in more ways than one. Read on to find out about some of the earth’s biggest animals, from crazy cows to extreme ants, these are the most massive creatures on earth…

Radical Rodent

Melanie and Richard are parents to the world’s largest rodent pet, located in Texas. He’s about the size of a dog and loves swimming in the pool. His name is Gary the Capybara.


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The More You Know

  • If you keep a goldfish in a dark room, it will become pale!
  • 79% of pet owners sleep with their pets.
  • Dogs have 28 baby teeth and 42 permanent teeth.
  • When anacondas mate, several competing males can form a ball around a female in a ritual that can last up to a month.
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