These Are the Indie Games That You Should Be Playing Right Now

By 1 year ago

Finding the perfect indie game to dig your claws into is difficult. Fortunately for you, we did the hard work, all you have to do is make a decision.

Getting Over It

This game will make you sick with anger. You will spend hours making the same mistake over and over, just to fall the same distance as soon as you get past the point that you were stuck at. This game will have you coming back for more and more punishment, in an effort to prove Bennett Foddy that you can, in fact, climb that mountain.



This is such a cool game, it’s a shame that so few people have played it. Humor is the core of the experience for Jazzpunk. This game gives the player a significant amount of options to interact with the world around them, and they all end up being the most outlandish and abstract conclusions you could think of. 

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