American Traditions That Confuse The Rest of the World

America likes to believe it's the greatest country in the world. However, Americans have some pretty weird customs and habits that either waste time or just make no sense at all. Find out how other countries view these things and realize that you actually probably do a lot of these weird traits yourself.

Smiling Too Much

It seems like it's almost impossible to go into a retail store or a restaurant without being greeted by an onslaught of grins and niceties. One thing Americans do far too much of is smiling at perfect strangers. Most of the time, it just makes other people uncomfortable.


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The More You Know

  • Former billionaire Chuck Feeney has given away over 99% of his 6.3 billion dollars to help under privileged kids go to college. He is now worth $2 million dollars.
  • Scorpions are incredibly resilient: scientists have frozen scorpions overnight, left them in the sun the following day, and when thawed, the arthropod walked away unscathed.
  • A baby can cost new parents 750 hours of sleep.
  • Male seahorses bear their young.
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