New Horror Flick "The Wretched" Will Drop Online May 1st

There's yet another horror movie coming out to make a fun night-in during these difficult times. The Wretched was supposed to be released in theaters, but due to the pandemic, it will be released at feature drive-in movie theaters and on home-streaming networks. 

The Wretched is about rebellious teen Ben who is sent to work at a local marina in his father's town. Naturally, Ben doesn't get along with his dad's new girlfriend nor with the teenage crowd in his new town. 

Not only is he working a lame job in a horrible town with his insufferable father's girlfriend, but there's also something weird going on with the family next-door...

The Wretched is your classic good vs. evil flick that offers unique characters and ever-building tension. 

The trailer below gives a special look into what's to come...

Drive-in screenings will start on May 1st at these locations: 

West Wind Glendale Drive-in // Glendale, AZ

West Wind Sacramento Drive-in // Sacramento, CA

Mission Tiki Drive-In //Montclair, CA

Ocala Drive-In // Ocala, FL

Sweet Onion Cinemas // Vidalia, GA

Starlight Drive-In Theatre //Atlanta, GA

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Post originally appeared on Inside Mystery.