The World's Largest Stone Sphere is Evidence of a Lost Ancient Civilization

By 1 year ago

When a groundbreaking scientific discovery challenges the conventions of what we know about human history, one man made it his life mission for his theory to surface. Now that he has support and attention, he is forced to question whether all of the research he conducted was in vain...

Stone from the Sky

In the spring of 2016, an enormous and unusual stone sphere was discovered close to a remote village in Bosnia. The reason the stone exists is unknown, and scientists are unsure if it was made by man or nature. Although this is not the only stone of its kind, this particular stone contains minerals that are not native to southeastern Europe. It almost seems as if the stone was dropped here by some higher power...

The Key to the Past


Although numerous scientific communities have denounced the stone’s importance, one particular archaeologist believes that this ball is the key to unlocking pieces of history that were lost in time. He believes that this ball was not made by nature and that it was placed there by ancient civilizations for modern humans to find. While his claims are being debated by the archaeological community, it’s undeniable that this man’s research holds some importance…

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