The Women of "Star Trek": Then and Now

Star Trek was quite a hit all around the world and people are in love with the series. The plot, the use of CGI, and the casting did not fail to awe the audience. We all know that there were many female characters in the series. Ever thought about what they are doing now? Come, let's take a peek! 

Gates McFadden

Can you remember the character Beverly Crusher, who was a medical doctor? Well, it is Gates McFadden who gave life to this character. She first acted as the love interest of Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Yet, because of some disputes with the head writer, she left after Star Trek's first season. A season went by without her, and fortunately, she returned.


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The More You Know

  • Alex Trebek holds a world record
  • TV technology existed before commercial radio
  • The Sopranos was an influential show in many regards, one of which was its popularization of the "anti-hero." In the episode "College," Tony murders an enemy on-screen and ushers in a new age of glorifying villains.
  • Average 65 year old person sees over 2 million TV commercials during his life.
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