The Wildest Items To Ever Show Up On X-Rays

By 1 year ago

Going to the doctor's office is very scary, but even scarier are the things inside you. These people went to figure out the source of their pain and were shocked by what they found. Whether it was a nail to the head or cell phone inside someone's stomach, these are the craziest images to ever appear on x-rays...

Cut It Out

When Pat Skinner, an Australian man, was on his way back to the hospital only a mere eighteen months after having an earlier surgery, he complained of strange and intense stomach pains. The doctors were confused but did an X-Ray anyway. Turns out that this man's surgeon had accidentally left their scissors inside him...


Thick Skull

A child was struck in the head with a bow and arrow, which would have been traumatic enough. The arrow went through his eye socket and back into his skull. Despite the obvious pain he lived through and the deeply traumatic incident, the child came out of the whole ordeal relatively fine, considering everything else... 

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