The Vegan-Friendly Crunchwrap Supreme Has Arrived

Taco Bell will be launching its long-awaited vegetarian menu this week and, to the delight of plant-based people everywhere, it features a vegan Crunchwrap Supreme, swapping beef for black beans.

The beloved fast food chain will be trialing its American Vegetarian Association-certified menu in Dallas, Texas. The meatless menu will also feature a vegetarian Quesarito with beans instead of beef as well as a 7-Layer Burrito.

Taco Bell said that the reason for the launch is rooted in its commitment to serving healthier food.

With red meat being linked to a number of health concerns, it appears that this is a solid move for the fast food giant in order to appeal to guests of all preferences. Taco Bell has also removed the preservative TBHQ from its menu items.

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