The Untold Truth Behind Hollywood's Steamiest Scenes

Jamie Dornan & Dakota Johnson, Fifty Shades of Grey

Jamie Dornan, an onscreen heartthrob, did everything possible to make his co-star Dakota Johnson crack up while filming their intimate film. The Fifty Shades franchise was known for its erotic bedroom filming, but the shoot was actually very lighthearted and fun. "When there's a wider shot and we're going for it all in one piece, they'll play music over it, and it's always my temptation to make Dakota laugh," said Jamie. "So sometimes, I'll do things like—in a moment when I'm meant to orgasm—I'll instead go, 'Doo-doo-doodley-do!'"


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The More You Know

  • Ronald Reagan was originally announced as the lead for Casablanca. The proclamation turned out to simply be a ruse to keep the actor’s name in the press.
  • O.J. Simpson was considered for the lead in "The Terminator".
  • For 'Fight Club' (1999), Brad Pitt had pieces of his front teeth chipped off to play Tyler Durden. He also took soap-making classes, boxing, taekwondo, and grappling lessons with Edward Norton to prepare for the role.
  • The beer used while filming of the Hobbit was custom made by New Zealand brewers. It was a 1% dark stout called "Sobering Thought".
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