The Ultimate Office Pranks to Keep You Laughing Through That 9-5

These office pranks are sure to liven up your monotonous day, and maybe you’ll find some inspiration to bring some laughs to your own office…

A Little Xerox Scare


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The More You Know

  • In 1993, San Francisco held a referendum over whether a police officer called Bob Geary was allowed to patrol while carrying a ventriloquist’s dummy called Brendan O’Smarty. He was.
  • Enzo Ferrari told a man "you may be able to drive a tractor but you will never be able to handle a Ferrari properly." The man was so angry that he vowed to create the perfect car. His name was Ferruccio Lamborghini.
  • Only two national flags have the color purple on them.
  • The population of the United States increases by one person every 12 seconds.
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