The Untold True Story of the Abandoned Bermuda Triangle Shipwreck

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The Carroll A. Deering cargo ship was on a typical trip out at sea when things went south. With an unhappy crew, a drunken first mate, and a new Captain at the wheel, the ship was rife with tension. When the ship wrecked in the Bermuda triangle, investigators couldn't believe what was found onboard...

Carroll A. Deering

The year was 1920 when the Carroll A. Deering ship set sail for the open seas. The boat was leaving from Puerto Rico to pick up a cargo of coal from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. With Captain William H. Merritt at the helm, it was sure to be a normal and routine trip, but the fate of the ship was not so safe…


Merritt's Merit

William H. Merritt wasn’t just a sea captain, he was also a war veteran. He had served in World War I and had even received a medal for his bravery. The hero had saved his entire crew when his ship, the five-masted schooner ship Dorothy B. Barrett was struck by the enemy. It was sunk by a German submarine, but Merrit had managed to save his whole team, including his son and first mate, Sewall Merritt. 


However, troubled continued to brew…

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