The Truth About Bonnie and Clyde that Historians Kept Quiet

Bonnie and Roy

In high school, Bonnie was popular among the men, but there was one boy, in particular. She and classmate Roy Thornton had something special, or at least they were convinced they did. The couple was married on September 25, 1926, six days before Bonnie turned sixteen. They dropped out of school together and were excited for long and happy lives spent side by side. Things didn't go according to plan...


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The More You Know

  • More people are bitten each year by New Yorkers than by sharks.
  • Donkeys and dolphins are sometimes used as guard animals.
  • Over 80 million bacteria can be exchanged in one kiss.
  • February used to be the last month of the year, which is why it has the shortest number of days.
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