The Truth About Bonnie and Clyde that Historians Kept Quiet

Bonnie and Clyde were the most prolific criminal couple in all of American history. They're known for traveling throughout the United States, committing countless bank robberies and shooting at police officers. However, the duo had a gripping story that historians often overlook. Who really were Bonnie and Clyde behind closed doors?

Bonnie Elizabeth Parker

Bonnie Elizabeth Parker was born in 1910 to two parents in the town of Rowena, Texas. She was the middle child and often felt trapped in between her two other siblings. Her father, Charles Robert Parker, was a bricklayer who passed away while Bonnie was just four years old. Her mother, Emma, was tasked with raising her three children all on her own. She was forced to make some choices...


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The More You Know

  • Crayola is literally "oily chalk."
  • Water makes different pouring sounds depending on its temperature.
  • The first pieces of gold at Fort Knox arrived by mail.
  • The toilet is statistically the cleanest place in your home. Your desk, kitchen sink, and cellphone all have more bacteria.
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