The True Love Story That Inspired “Titanic” Will Leave You in Tears

By 1 year ago

Before there was Kate Winslet, there was Kate Buss. When the original Kate boarded the Titanic in April of 1912, she never expected the terrible fate of herself and the rest of the passengers. Years later, a version of her romantic life would become the basis of the love story between Jack and Rose. Read on to find out the tumultuous love affair in troubled waters...

Kate Buss

Born to James and Elizabeth Buss on December 28th, 1875, Kate Buss was destined to have a long and happy life. Her father was a grocer, postmaster, and very successful. She had seven siblings, Edward, Annie, Emma, Edith, Elizabeth, Percy, and Alfred. Kate worked with her father in the post office, so she knew all about writing and sending letters. Who knew that one day, her letters would tell more stories than she expected…


Leaving Home

Kate was 15 when she and Percy left home for the first time. Her father’s grocery wasn’t doing as well as it had before, so the two siblings were sent to their Aunt’s house as they had the most real-world skills and could make money to send to their family. Percy got a job in another city grocery while Kate became a seamstress. She was popular with the elderly women around town, who knew her for her attention to detail and small hands. But there was someone else who noticed her…

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