The Top-Rated Superhero Movies of All Time

It's time to rank the best superhero films of all time. Everything from the modern Avengers series to classic iterations of Batman and Superman is involved here, so if you have any strong opinions on how your favorite heroes and villains stack up, read on...

The Dark Knight

Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight is hands-down the most iconic telling of the Batman story. It stars Christian Bale and Heath Ledger in the hero and villain roles, and the film explores the gray areas between good and evil in a way that most hero films hadn't done at the time. 


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The More You Know

  • The CIA reads up to 5 million Tweets a day.
  • The horse on the Wyoming license plate is named Steamboat.
  • Google's founders were willing to sell to Excite for less than $1 million in 1999, but Excite turned them down.
  • Honey is essentially bee vomit.
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