The Terrifying Conspiracy Behind the Pizza Bomber

The Note

He handed a note to the teller that said there was a bomb around his neck and that it would go off in 15 minutes. After Wells left the bank, a witness called the police and said that a man leaving with bank with “a bomb or something wrapped around his neck” just robbed it. Police knew the bomb was a fake. He was reported to be calm and collected during the robbery.


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The More You Know

  • Humans are the only animals with chins.
  • A full jumbo jet tank has enough fuel to drive a car around the world four times.
  • A German and British aeroplane shot each other down in Norway during WWII. The crew met and helped each other survive. Two of them later visited each other many years after the war was over as friends.
  • The Guinness brewery supported all of it's employees who chose to fight in WW1. They were paid half of their wages while away, and their jobs were guaranteed upon their return. The brewery also sent them care packages containing chocolate and condensed milk.
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