Mia Khalifa Reveals Truth Behind Adult Film That Destroyed Her Life

By 1 year ago

Fresh out of college and battling her worst insecurities, 21-year-old Mia Khalifa signed an adult film contract that would change her life forever. Three months later, she became one of the most popular faces in the world—but it nearly cost Khalifa her life.

The Rise and Fall of Mia Khalifa

Mia Khalifa was one of the first Lebanese women to work as a performer in the adult film industry. Although she only spent three months on camera, Khalifa's impact on the business lasted far beyond her brief time in the industry. It was all thanks to one controversial video...


Her Life Was Destroyed

Khalifa left the industry in 2015, but she remains one of the most popular adult film stars. Nearly a year after her departure, Khalifa remained the most highly-searched adult actress of 2016. Although she only made adult films for a few months, Khalifa's breakout scene landed her in hot water with a dangerous terrorist organization. Her life was turned upside-down by this dubious decision...

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